Having Your Wedding at Castle Church

Christians believe that marriage is a special relationship created by God. It involves a public commitment to a lifelong relationship of faithfulness and love between a man and a woman. This commitment is spelled out in the vows that the couple make to each other in the marriage service. Christians believe that marriage with its commitment to permanence offers the degree of stability and security that we all need in relationships and that the children of those relationships also need.

Who can get married at Castle Church?

For a couple to get married at Castle Church normally one person must either live in the parish or be on church electoral roll. In most cases others who have strong links with the church, but do not live in the parish are eligible. These sort of links include, parents being married here or having been baptised here.

When one person has been married before and the previous partner is still alive (ie divorced), a Service of Prayer & Dedication after a Civil Marriage is offered.

How do I book a wedding at Castle Church?

Please contact Dalena in the church office on 01785 241894 or e-mail admin@castlechurch.org.uk

Wedding of Lee and Karen.

Photos courtesy of CodsallPhotographic.com - 01902 844883

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